May 12 , 2019
Trump's sudden threat has cast a shadow over the U.S.-China trade talks, which also had a significant impact on global capital markets, but this "extreme pressure strategy" does not mean the end of U.S.-China trade talks. As an independent think tank, ANBOUND had internal discussions four days ago, which warned of the danger of a "sudden death" during the U.S.-China negotiations. The more it needs to keep calm, so as to clarify the situation and make objective judgments. The necessity of trade talks remains and will continue to move ahead in light of the related logic. >>
For China, the economic development issues mainly focus on structural and institutional factors. Anbound macro research team explains that ¡°structural" factors are medium and long-term hard to be changed, e.g. the population. Structural issues cannot be hedged by the economic policies that require relatively complex systematic adjustments. "Institutional" factors refer to outdated institutional mechanism, which can be resolved through radical reforms only, unavoidably, a point the most difficult to be reached. By baking institutional obstacles and effectively promoting institutional reform, China would keep on a sustainable economic development. >>
Opening-up is inevitable for financial market in China. That requires time and will pose trials. There will also be no fundamental changes in the short term. The flow of funds will also change the Chinese securities market. Some of funds will be absorbed by foreign capitals, and corporate funds overflow from the securities market may turn to industrial capital. In that case, the results will be quite significant, a series of complex effects and changes coming up with. >>
Classic economic theories are now obsolete. The harsh reality in global financial markets is telling the story ¡°to be or not to be¡±. Nowadays, it is more important not to fall into financial traps than earning profits. There are increasing amounts of passive investors in global markets, as the governments are fond of them to maintain the status quo. Ultimately, the key and fundamental logic made by Macro Finance is to maintain consistency with the governments, Anbound chief researcher Chen Gong summed up. >>
Beijing Scitech Plaza, the oldest mall in the city, is set to close indefinitely. Anbound found the main reason to have such old stores closed is that the acceleration of urbanization has destroyed business structure. The impact of e-commerce, rapidly rising costs to do business, inefficient commercial innovation, operational difficulties and inaccurate market positioning, are all ascribed to old stores¡¯ close-down. It is not only associated with business strategy, but also interconnects with urban management policies and urban development strategies. Anbound chief researcher Chen Gong argues the existing urban business in China will not have a bright future in a scenario that all human activity is carried out on computer and without a difference between working on and off time, while the streets would be too quiet and devoid of activity. What would a city be like? Theoretically, it is not a city for people¡¯s living, but a virtual space in game. >>
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